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ChartBlocks takes your data from spreadsheets to shareable graphics — no coding necessary.

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FAQs & Help Guides

  1. Go to your dashboard 

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be taken to the dashboard screen. Click the “Create a chart” button to begin.

  1. Organize your data

You have three options for adding data:

  1. Select a new/blank dataset, where you can manually input your data. 
  2. Use an existing dataset that you’ve previously uploaded. 
  3. Import a spreadsheet.

You can then select which column of data will be used for the X & Y axis and what data series\ will be included in the chart.

  1. Template 

Choose a template to get you started (you will be able to customize every aspect of it later) 

  1. Customize

Your data will default to a bar chart. This along with every aspect of the chart is customizable in the editor. Simply click to open one of the four tabs to make any edits you need from dimensions to font size and color. 

  1. Share your chart

You can embed it directly into your website, share via a public link and on social media

How do I import Excel and CSV files?
You have a few different ways to supply data for your chart through the use an Excel or CSV files:

Option 1: Start with a chart
Go to your dashboard and select the type of chart you want. When you go to the chart creation page, you’ll be able to select from either a bar chart, line chart, area chart, scatter chart or pie chart.
You can then upload your dataset file, which will be used to create your chart. Set the columns to be used for the X and Y axes, and select a chart template.

Option 2: Start with your data
Go to your dashboard, upload the data, and choose the type of chart you want. Using the sidebar, you can either create a new set or use an existing one. After creating your dataset, select the type of chart you want.

How do I embed a chart?
Once you’ve made your chart, click the “Share” button in the top right-hand corner of the editor. You’ll see a public link, an embed code (which you can copy and paste into your HTML editor or CMS), or the option to download the chart in several different formats.

If you’re using a CMS that supports embed, like Drupal or WordPress, you can just paste the public link to your chart rather than the embed code.
ChartBlocks is also available through and

How do I share a chart on social media?
Once you’ve created a chart, click the “Sharing” button in the toolbar at the top to select the social media account you want.

Having trouble sharing your chart on social?

If your chart was created before Aug. 1, 2022, it was designated as “private,” meaning it’s not publicly shareable. To share your chart on social, simply duplicate the chart, and the duplicate will automatically be public.

Background on why this has changed:
We have since removed the ability to make a private chart since the only way to find a chart is through a unique URL. Previously, we had a public gallery where all the public charts were automatically added. The private designation blocked your chart from being posted in the gallery. Because the gallery was removed, the need for private functionality dramatically decreased.

Account Sharing

Previously, you could add users to your account. This functionality has since been removed.

Background on why this has changed:
Once a user was invited to an account, they were no longer able to create their own individual account, and primary account holders couldn’t remove anyone who had been added. Now we have a single-account model where you can easily share charts with other users. Accounts created before Aug. 1, 2022, that added users will still be able to utilize the old shared-account functionality, although they will not be able to add any more users.

How do I change my password?
Click on your account name in the upper right-hand corner of the ChartBlocks dashboard. Select “Profile.” From your profile page, you will see a “Change Password” button that will allow you to change your password. 

What is an active chart?
An active chart is a single chart created with your account. A chart is active until you delete it.

How do I prevent my charts going public automatically?
To change the visibility of a chart, locate it in your dashboard. Click on the “Share” icon in the toolbar and toggle the visibility switch. If you would prefer new charts to be created privately by default, you can edit your preferences on the account settings page by toggling the ”New Charts Are Public” setting to “Off.”

What counts as a chart view?
A view is counted any time the chart is loaded in an embed, on social media, or in the live image. Editing the chart does not count towards a view limit. 

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